Living Intentionally | Crowns and Crosses

Quickly after the adoption of our sweet boys in November we felt the Lord was leading us to prepare for more children. At the time we casually talked about what we would need to do to make arrangements to make room for more. Being an adoptive parent through the state of Georgia (DFCS) they have policies and regulations on how many children can be in a room, who can share rooms, etc. Our home had two bedrooms, so we had to start looking at options. I made phone calls to the city to see what we would need to do to add onto the back of the house… we even thought about adding an upstairs. Financially it just didn’t make sense. We let it sit for a while. Feeling defeated, I began to pray for my heart to be content and joyfully embrace the two little guys we had in our home. They are in a season of rapid growth and I needed to soak in every moment I have with them.

Not long afterwards Luke began pursuing a house just down the street!!! It had been sitting for years! They had recently put in newer windows and a wood front porch (to please the city). Excitedly, we made arrangements to look inside – it was like love at first sight. My inner Joanna Gaines was oohhh-ing and ahhh-ing! The bones were INCREDIBLE. Built in 1910 I can only imagine what it looked like in it’s hay-day… It has just been neglected over the years! The Lord faithfully provided a way to purchase the house and begin preparation to renovate! Since closing (on what we are calling the Crowns & Crosses House), demolition is almost complete (on the inside), Luke has replaced a rotten wood beam under the house, and we are about to order metal roofing materials to lay soon! It needs the total works – about a year’s worth but we can hardly wait to see how the Lord will use this home! All 6 bedrooms!!

Crowns & Crosses Before – Kitchen

Crowns & Crosses Before – Living/Dining Room

Crowns & Crosses Before – Downstairs Bedroom

Crowns & Crosses Before – Downstairs Bathroom

Crowns & Crosses Before – Downstairs Bedroom

Crowns & Crosses Before – Upstairs (4 bedrooms + bathroom)

Excitedly and unexpectedly Luke, the twins, and myself are moving next door to the Hope House for the duration of renovations. Our current home will be filled very shortly with a family of four! The McIntosh family attends Beman Church and are selling their home in Aiken, South Carolina to be apart of proximal community and ministry on Beman Street! We are so encouraged by this action and desire to grow in the Word together. Life feels a little crazy right now – packing up a little sooner than expected, moving into a house that is a bit smaller, and trying to be flexible with the Hope House’s lack of functionality! 😉 After a quick coat of paint most of our furniture is moved in, I transferred food from our refrigerator tonight, and the rest of our stuff is in between… but we plan to have our first night’s sleep TONIGHT!


Lord willing, this will be the first of TWO moves within this next year! Thankful to give up what we have in order to love and serve others – He always faithfully provides when we are obedient to Him!


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