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It’s a bit overwhelming right now. I am sitting in our future house looking at what has been done and what is left. Both sides are heavily weighted. We’ve had a number of volunteer crews come in and help with demolition. A number of local weekend crews, a local youth group to help pull up all the flooring, a missional community group from Huntsville, Alabama to help pull off the rest of the siding, and I believe we successfully filled SEVEN 30-yard dumpsters of debris! We are so thankful for all the hands who came to work and the countless phone calls, text messages, and words of encouragement that’s come our way. The house is officially down to the bare bones, revealing some unknown issues, which is to be expected with any renovation.

When we bought this 100 year old house we named “Crowns and Crosses” we sent out letters to close friends and family sharing where the Lord was leading our family. Sharing our mission and heartbeat behind wanting more space which is incredibly on the same street we currently live on. The relationships that we’ve built (and continue to build) for the past 3 years will not be lost, rather, we will soon be living closer to a number of the kids whom we see on a weekly basis. But, we still have a ways to go before we can officially move in. (You can read more about our story here!)

From the start of this new adventure, practically rebuilding this house, we have prayed for the Lord’s provision financially. I was telling my mom this morning it would be so easy and socially acceptable to apply and take out a loan, hire contractors to complete renovations, and pay a mortgage for the next fifteen to thirty years. But as we prayed over that choice we felt the Lord steering us away from that “choice”… instead waiting on Him to provide so, Lord willing, when the Lord allows us to pursue a large sibling group, a medically fragile child, and/or teenager we can pour everything we have into that season’s need.

I often check the online GA adoption site, look at the children’s faces, and pray for them specifically by name. My heart hurts. I see faces I’ve seen for almost 3 years now still waiting for a home. I see children who statistically will never be adopted before their 18th birthday and will “age out” of foster care. That’s where the Crowns and Crosses House comes into our reality. The degree of urgency grows daily as we prayerfully build a home for the “unadoptable”.

The question we often get asked: What do you need? What’s next? How can I help?

I’m so glad you asked!

We recently had a mutual friend who is a contractor come look at the house to help us make an order of events! While he was here he informed us we had to make a major change upstairs to make it a second floor (instead of just an attic). We have to replace ALL of the upstairs floor joists. This felt like 5 steps backwards. Currently the upstairs floor joists are not large enough – bigger boards are needed for stability and support. We received this news almost a week and a half ago and we have fervently been praying for how to tackle this extensive project. We have minimal carpentry skills (we can follow directions well :)) and Michael, our sweet friend and all-around handyman is moving with his family at the end of December! (More on that later!)

We are in great need of skilled laborers! In addition to inside work, we need to finish framing windows upstairs, finish hanging OSB and house wrap, putting on new vinyl siding, extending the roof line over the back addition, re-running the lookout (roof overhang) before laying a new roof! Once the outside is secure we can then move onto the work inside (plumbing, electrical, etc.)! We are excited for this season ahead and having what feels like endless room for children in the foster system but that doesn’t come without preparation. Humbly, we are accepting monetary and material donations to expedite this process of making this structure a “home”! Email for more information about how to get involved!

Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen (back)

Future office/3rd bedroom downstairs, if needed!

Downstairs Wheelchair Accessible Full Bathroom

Downstairs Bedroom

Master Bedroom + Bathroom (outside to the left)

There was previously a small, closed in back porch. Due to poor structure we tore it down and rebuild… only this time we took the porch to the width of the rest of the house. This will be pantry (far end), laundry/backyard entry, and a small master bathroom!)

Upstairs!! The second floor will have FOUR bedrooms and a full bathroom!

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