I am a full-time momma to three energetic, joyful children and a humble-wife to Luke of five (short) years! I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Augusta, Georgia and enjoy traveling when I have the opportunity but homebody by nature! By day you can usually find me playing catch up with house chores, working out (both at the gym and at home with full arms), and perfecting my skill of being a Southern Momma in the kitchen.

Excitement around here may be nominal but whew, it's worth celebrating... and questioning why I didn't think of it sooner! This month's upgrade: a wooden, portable desk so I can work comfortably in bed (or on the floor if I need a change of scenery!) for my late night office hours! But thankfully I won't need it for too much longer! Lord willing, in the coming months we will be relocating just a few houses down the street AND I gain an office! I *cannot* wait! 

I'm an avid coffee drinker, love anything homemade, and never turn down an afternoon nap! Meeting and serving precious brides, sweet mommas, and their families reminds my heart to slow down to celebrate new seasons, gives an opportunity to encourage others, and allows me to use a God-given gift to create beautiful memories.

I'm Ivey!

P.S. We hadn't even started dating! 

Our Beginning

Our relationship has been unconventional from the start. I remember seeing (secretly stalked...shhh!) Luke's story on Facebook when in high school. Only then I was only the little sister to a brother who played high school soccer with him! Years later we "officially" met... when I wasn't the young, freshman entering high school! I had a few more years under my belt!

We met in 2011. A few months before I returned to Augusta from Rome, Georgia, where I was attending college on a golf scholarship! A Monday night in August we both attended a college ministry gathering at our local church. Afterwards I shyly made my way across the room to only quickly introduce myself before running to my car in fear! (Wish I was kidding!) Little did I know, that night Luke began a season of fasting and praying... even telling a friend he visited in Northern Africa later that year he MET his future wife. 

The beginning of 2012 we officially started dating. After a precious courting season of sneaking notes under doormats for each other at 2:00am, long car chats, and taking any excuse to spend more time together between school and work. The Lord orchestrated a relationship I couldn't have dreamt of. Three-and-a-half months later Luke proposed at a planned photo session (smart man!) because he knew my heart wanted that precious moment documented! We returned to Luke's parents house to celebrate and my precious father-in-law had sparkling juice (Gibb tradition!) cold ready for a "cheers!"

The following year, March 2013, one month shy of our 1 year (dating) anniversary we became Mr. & Mrs.! I was a young 21 year old and Luke, 25, two kids in love with a marriage story greater than we could have ever imagined... the Lord has been faithful through these five (adventurous) years. And thankfully the story doesn't end here! Doing life with Luke is one of my favorite things -- he leads and loves our family so well. It's an honor to be his wife.

The heartbeat of this business has morphed a bit over the last 7 years (woah!) of being an entrepreneur. Not only do I have a job (if you can even call it that!) that I LOVE but I have a unique opportunity to help provide for what the Lord is leading us to! That story begins with these little lives! We have adopted all three of our children through the Georgia Foster System!

In 2014 we learned about James and Daniel, 16 month old twins looking for an immediate placement. Driving to meet them for the first time was one of the most heart-wrenching, emotional, 20 minute drives of my life! The Lord orchestrated the most beautiful, instant bonds. We brought them "home" soon later! They are two of the most loving, crazy, and cutest 4 year olds!

Most recently we finalized the adoption of our 11-year-old daughter, Katie! She was welcomed "home" last September after 5 long years in the foster system. We are thankful for stability and will tearfully send her to middle school next year!

Through our dating relationship Luke and I spoke often about the near future, specifically parenthood. We often prayed and talked about the foster system and the great need for foster homes in our area. The Lord quickly lead us to not only foster but to pursue those who fall under the status of "unadoptable" (those who will statistically never be adopted due to their need or situation). We rejoice in what He has already done though our little family and expectantly pray for what is to come! Lord willing, we'll be growing again... soon! We've been renovating a home just down the road for 2+ years in great expectation for it to be completed in 2018 providing more bedrooms and space for future children. You can read more about our fixer upper,
 "Crowns and Crosses"